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Chanterelles are some of the most popular edible mushrooms in the world. Known for their unique flavour and beautiful appearance, spotting them in the woods is a special treat for mushroom hunters everywhere. Furthermore, they are mycorrhizal, meaning they form a beneficial, symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees. This makes cultivation very difficult to impossible. Thus most chanterelles, even the ones you find for sale in a store, were picked from the wild. buy-chanterelles-online. where to sell chanterelle mushrooms​. Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online. Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online  Arizona

Basic Facts | Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online  Arizona

-There are many species of edible chanterelles in the Cantharellus genus. The most well known is Cantharellus cibarius, the golden chanterelle mushroom.
-Like so many different types of mushrooms, there is no debate over the classification of Cantharellus cibarius. Mycologists now suspect it could be made up of several different species. For now, Cantharellus cibarius is the most common species name you’ll see in North America.
-Due to their mycorrhizal relationship with trees, you’ll only find them growing on the ground, usually near some sort of hardwood (oaks, conifers, etc).
-Caps are usually convex to vase-shaped, with a yellow to yellow-orange colour. Their stems are smooth, not hollow, and the same colour as the cap. Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online
-They contain vitamin C as well as a high amount of carotene. High carotene levels play in part in their distinctive orange-yellow colour.


Only wash if they’re very dirty, as they contain a lot of water, to begin with. Waterlogged mushrooms are harder to cook and may have a mushy texture. It’s best to just wipe off any dirt with a brush or damp cloth. Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online  Arizona

Storage | Buy Chanterelles Mushroom Online  Arizona

They’ll last longer in the refrigerator than many other wild mushrooms, usually up to 10 days. For long-term storage, dry them in an oven or dehydrator at a low temperature until they’re brittle enough to snap in half. where to sell chanterelle mushrooms​


The flavor of chanterelles is often described as fruity or peppery, almost like a flower. They’re excellent with meats, fish, or as an entrée topping. They’re also very popular with eggs or as a filling in crêpes. buy-chanterelles-online. chanterelle mushrooms buy online​

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