MYCODIUM | 250mg | 6250mg

MYCODIUM | 250mg | 6250mg, Anxiety, sadness, headaches, and chronic pain are just a few of the mental and physical illnesses that Mycodium 250mg can help with. Each container contains 25 capsules, each containing 250mg MYCODIUM | 250mg | 6250mg P.Cubensis.


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MYCODIUM Online Arizona| 250mg | 6250mg – Microdosing Where To Buy. WHY MICRODOSE?
To reduce the frequency and intensity of undesirable states caused by conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, BPD among others. To increase desirable states and outcomes, including: Creativity, Energy, Productivity, Focus. Flow States, Better Relationships, Personal Boundary Development, Athletic Coordination, Leadership Development, and many others. Buy MYCODIUM | 250mg | 6250mg online from our shop. MYCODIUM Online Arizona

Microdose: 50-500 mg
Creative dose: 0.5–1g (test out these doses before taking at work!)
Typical Recreational dose: 2–3g (a full trip dose)
Heroic dose 5-8 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
God dose 10-28 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)-Take advantage of the Synergetic effects of our select Blends of Microdose stack
– Our Stacks can replace your medicine cabinet of nootropics supplements or even SSRI medication.
Qualitative and quantitative composition.

Each tablet contains 250 mg naproxen

Excipient with known effect : Lactose monohydrate

Each tablet contains 72 mg of lactose monohydrate


We recommend dosing yourself three times a week, or every 2-3 days, starting with a microdose (.100g or 100mg). We also recommend consuming in the morning, that way the effects will last all day, and not interfere with your sleep. The residual effect of the microdose should last into the next day and possibly linger into the third day as well. This is why we recommend a 2-3 day cycle. MYCODIUM Online Arizona

Tolerance buildup varies greatly from one person to another, it is up to you to determine your required dosage level. With multiple strengths to choose from, our products make it easy to determine and consume the correct dosage required for the microdose effect.

– Helps stabilize sleep cycles and should be taken in the morning before breakfast
– Helps boost the immune system
– Fights fatigue and depression
– Acts as an antioxidant
– Helps prevent and decrease damage to cells


Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis), ankylosing spondylitis, acute gout, acute musculoskeletal disorders and dysmenorrhoea.

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2 MYCODIUM 250mg – 6250mg Bottles, 4 MYCODIUM 250mg – 6250mg Bottles, 6 MYCODIUM 250mg – 6250mg Bottles

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